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Senior Thesis - Childhood Anxiety Disorders - Fall 19

Hygge is brand focused on childhood anxiety disorders. This project understands the needs of children, ages 11-14, who experience anxiety and provides them with a workbook that will allow them to distract themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed, engage them in an expressive, creative personal way, as well as provide them with an accessible comfortable therapy tool. It will help to normalize taking care of childhood anxiety and give caretakers, like parents or teachers, a readily available inexpensive resource.


The Hygge anxiety kit comes in a tin container. Included inside is a workbook with three types of worksheets; cognitive behavioral therapy, drawing, crafting, games, and writing exercises! A guide for parents or guardians that contains helpful tips on starting conversations about anxiety and directions on how to use the kit. Multiple one sided check-in sheets to help decompress and debrief from the day with guided questions and grounding exercises. And lastly, brand stickers and markers to promote living Hygge (cozy + content), to help normalize talking about anxiety and to make the creating fun!

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