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Current Position: Program Manager and Graphic Designer


*I do not own the rights to any of the examples shown below.
All of them are customer facing in retail stores.

Please see below for a few examples of Design work I have completed for Samsung at Pulse.

Pulse is an enterprise engagement platform purpose-built to create sustainable behavioral change in large populations - a fully-enabled solution backed by our domain expertise in sales enablement, healthcare, field service, large enterprise and more and delivered globally.

Samsung On Demand Print

Examples shown are the 8.5x11 Flyers. Most of these assets were also completed in the following additional sizes as well: 24 X 36" Poster, 9 X 16" JPEG, 11x14” Flyer, 23.5 X 36" A-Frame, 22 X 28" Poster, 1920 X 1080 Digital Static. Field Managers download assets from a FedEx portal and print for their regions Retail Store displays.

Frapp in the App

A beloved cartoon coffee cup used for sales enablement training and behavioral encouragement. Frappy has been adapted multiple times based on the amazing success of the program! 

Most work cannot be posted online or is under NDA by Samsung, Best Buy, Vitamix, Intel, etc.

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